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Last Modified 12/13/2011
Date Entered 1/25/2008
GIC Water Systems utilizes state-of-the-art well and borehole logging equipment with the capacity of conducting logging surveys to 2000 feet.  All well and borehole logging equipment is contained in a portable trailer.


Borehole geophysical surveys are conducted using equipment manufactured by Robertson Geologging Ltd.  Borehole geophysical survey data can be provided as field copies of the various logs using a Printrex 820 DL thermal printer, in ASCII format on CD-ROM, or as finished color copies.


GIC Water Systems currently own the following sondes:


Electric Log (8,16,32,64" Normal Res.)

     Applications: Determination of water quality, permeable zoned, and porosity

Self Potential

Single Point Resistivity

Natural Gamma

     Applications: Lithology determination, Mineral detection

3-Arm Caliper

     Applications: Indentifying hard and soft lithology; Locating cracks, fissures, caving, faulting, and casing breaks; Correction of other logs affected be borhole diameter 

High Resolution Impellor Flowmeter

     Applications: Flow measurement within the borehole, Locating permeable zones, Detecting casing leaks

Temperature & Fluid Conductivity

     Applications: Fluid salinity, Locating zones of different water quality, Identifying zones of in-flow and out-flow, Temperature gradient, Water level determination, Locating grout behing casing, Temperature compensation of other logs

Full Wave Form Sonic

     Applications: Rock strength and elasticity, Correction of seismic velocity, Indication of fractures and permeability in hard rock, Locating poor or missed cement behind casing

Dual Induction with Natural Gamma

     Applications: Indicates permeable zones and porosity, Formation water salinity, Long term well monitoring

Water/Gas Discrete Sampler

     Applications:  Sampling fluid at a given depth for surface analysis


Additional geophysical sondes are available per project requirements.  All projects are completed be a Registered Professional Geologist (GA & FL).  Our project personnel have advanced degrees and are required to attend annual continuing education courses.

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