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The history books recount the Great Depression as a devastating time for America.  It was a difficult time to be in business, let alone start a new one.  For farmers times were hard.  The availability of water or lack of it meant the difference between a successful crop or crop failure.  In these trying times, while farming near Silver Creek, Nebraska, young G.W. Grosch had the foresight and courage to start a new business.


Always keenly interested in agriculture, G.W. Grosch recognized the need to have a reliable source of water.  His determination to provide a dependable source of water was the beginning of Grosch Irrigation Co., Inc.  Since, Grosch Irrigation has been in continuous operation drilling wells and installing pumps for irrigation, municipal, and industrial water systems across the United States.

The foresight and courage displayed by young G.W. continues today in the planning and operation of the company.  These traits are largely responsible for Grosch becoming one of the most respected agricultural, municipal, and commercial well drilling companies in the combined Midwest and Southeast. 


Grosch Irrigation Co., Inc. has expanded their operations from the beginning in Silver Creek to five more locations in Nebraska as well as in Colorado, Illinois, and Georgia.  Grosch serves many states surrounding these locations.  Since G.W. Grosch started the drilling business, second and third generation family have become a vital part of the company in addition to the many experienced and dedicated personnel.

In 2002, keeping with emerging technology and building on 70 years of water well experience and excellence, Grosch Irrigation Co. created GIC Water Systems, LLC to provide advanced professional water well services using the latest technology.  These services include:  AirBurst Well Rehabilitation, Borehole Video and Geophysical Logging, Aquifer Testing, and Well Modifications. 


GIC Water Systems, LLC serves clients throughout the Southeast and beyond from our Dublin, Georgia location.