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Last Modified 12/13/2011
Date Entered 1/25/2008
GIC Water Systems utilizes state-of-the-art well and borehole logging equipment with the capacity of conducting logging surveys to 2000 feet.  All well and borehole logging equipment in contained in a portable trailer.


Well and borehole video logging services are conducted using an Aries CCV BoreTech-9000 360 Side View Color Camera.  Video logging data can be provided on VHS tapes or DVDs.


Dual view cameras provide both a downhole view and a detailed 360 continuous scan of sidewalls.  A side view allows closer examination of walls, casing, infiltration, screen, gravel pack, extrusions, deterioration, perforation blockage, and physical damage.  Our camera uses a single camera module that tilts under operator control to look down the borehole or at the casing wall.  It can be rotated 360, continuously to inspect the entire diameter or casing joint.

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